24×7 monitoring of the availability of your cloud services

Service Description

  • Website monitoring, with continuous verification of availability and response time with search for specific words
  • Monitoring of services provided by cloud servers, e.g.  HTTP, POP3, SMTP, SSL, DNS, MYSQL with measurement of response times
  • IP Blacklist Monitor, check if an IP is reported in worldwide blacklists
  • Notifications via email or SMS
  • Control probes available globally

Takes minutes to activate

It is a cloud service that can be activated in a few minutes and managed directly from your control panel, simple and effective..

Weekly Report

Receive the weekly performance report of the services used by your customers

Immediate Notifications

Get notified by email or SMS if your website or server is unreachable.

Automatic ticket opening

If your services are at Utixo, the system can automatically open a ticket to our technical support.

Cloud Monitoring Services and Prices

Basic Cloud Monitoring Services
BASIC VPS and generic cloud service monitoring with email/SMS notification
Max Freq. 1 hour
GPB 8.90Order
Pro Cloud Monitoring Services
PRO web site, VPS and generic cloud service monitoring with email/SMS notification
Max Freq. 10 min
GPB 17Order
IP Black list Monitoring 5h
IP blacklist monitoring subscription
Max Freq. 5h
GPB 2.67Order
Web site availability monitor 1hr
Web site availability monitor subscription via keyword and email notification
Max Freq 1h
GPB 4.45Order

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

You can monitor all the server services on any port such as http, https, pop3, imap, smtp whether it is hosted at Utixo or at another provider.
For websites, it is possible to verify that both the web server and database parts are working correctly.

The default method is via email but SMS can be enabled as well.

By default monitoring takes place from a single European location but it is possible to have simultaneous monitoring from several countries.