The best cloud service to protect your business
from last generation threats

We take care of your network privacy and security

Libraesva is not just an antispam solution but a real time email security solution to protect your email system from threats like ransomware, phishing and dangerous links.


Spam Filtering

The best technology for spam filtering with 99,98% of spam filtered

MX backup

In the event your server is down, it acts as temporary storage for your mail servers

Fast activation

Nothing to install, it's a cloud security service

Multiple Antivirus Support

Maximum protection of your environment with Clamav, Avira and BitDefender

Easily integrated

Seamless integration with Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, Zimbra, CPANEL

SMTP gateway

It also acts as SMTP server to send email in a secure way

End User Spam Management

The best end user Quarantine Management with automatic reports

URL Sandbox

UrlSand Sandbox checks all the links for malicious URL

QuickSand Sandbox

Protects from malicious active content (Criptolocker) with sandboxing

Certified for Exchange

The best protection for your on site Exchange server or g-suite or Office 365, it requires no hardware purchase, no software it’s just a pay per use service. Never lose an important email.


Utixo implements the Libraesva product in its most secure and performing configuration by applying all the best practices to obtain the best result, therefore we speak of a geographic cluster distributed over multiple data-centers and real-time monitoring of the platform.

Libraesva Cloud Solution as a service by Utixo


Sandbox technology for hyperlink security control

Try the suite for 30 days for free, no credit card required. See yourself the benefit of the total protection.
Immediate activation

MX backup service€ 5 per domainOrder
Email Protection Suite Cluster Service (Libraesva)€ 8/userOrder
Antispam/Antivirus MX protection (ProxMox)€ 1/userOrder

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